Sanitizer Caddy. Refillable Sanitizer Bottle & Case -Single

Sanitizer Caddy ( Bottle & Case ) is your personal hand sanitizer buddy that goes with you. Now where ever you go it's there for you when you need to clean your hands. If you are handling items at the grocery store, work, school or at home you have the confidence of cleaning/sanitizing your hands anytime. Perfect for Individuals, Health Care Workers, Companies, Institutions, Schools, etc.


Product Description:

Sanitizer Caddy. Model 170 
Sanitizer Caddy was developed by CertiMart Inc., to offer users a premium, quality sanitizer dispensing bottle and case complete with metal belt-pocket clip.
The Sanitizer Caddy was designed so the user can open the case, bottle cap, apply liquid sanitizer, then close the bottle cap and case with one hand.
This quality fabricated case is made from heavy duty durable Cordura / Nylon.
Heavy duty Velcro closure secures sanitizer dispensing bottle.
Durable metal clip quickly and securely attaches case to most belts, waistbands, etc.
Use at Work, Shopping, Dinning, School, etc.
This sanitizer case accommodates a 170 ml refillable sanitizer dispensing bottle.
Case Measurements (Closed): 66mmW x 78mmD x 128mmH.
Case Color: Black.
Note: Sanitizer Dispensing Bottle Included.
Due to hygiene purposes, all Sanitizer Caddy (Cases & Bottles) are non-exchangeable and non-returnable.
Due to product demand, shipping of this product is currently between 12 -14 days.


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